• Talk Show di Hard Rock FM 89.7 FM Selasa malam, 31 Maret 2009, pukul 22.00 wib, simak di Hard Rock FM 89.7 FM Surabaya, akan ada talk show live dengan tema: "Karma" Sebagai tamu/pembicara adalah Team GN (Gay, Lesbian, Transgender (Male to Female) dan (Female to Male) dan Queer.

  • Alamat Website GN yang baru Alamat website GAYa NUSANTARA yang baru adalah www.gayanusantara.or.id, sementara yang lama yaitu gayanusantara.org sudah tidak lagi merupakan website GN. Alamat ini dipilih karena dengan domain .or.id akan terlihat bahwa GAYa NUSANTARA berada di Indonesia. Mohon informasi mengenai alamat url (website) GN yang baru ini disebarluaskan.

    Terima kasih.

  • Majalah Bhinneka telah terbit
    Majalah Bhinneka yang didirikan oleh Soe Tjen Marching bekerja sama dengan GAYa NUSANTARA telah terbit dan bisa diperoleh GRATIS di 11 kota di Indonesia. Edisi Perdana membahas isu "Pemilu & Demokrasi". Karena ini adalah majalah nir-laba, publikasinya amat tergantung dari bantuan Anda. Jadi, mohon informasi ini disebarluaskan lagi. Anda bisa mendapatkan majalah ini di daftar alamat yang ada di sini.

    Ingin baca dalam bentuk e-zine? Download di sini [pdf]

  • Global Fund Seeks To Add Members with Gender Expertise to the Technical Review Panel
    The Global Fund is planning to appoint five new Technical Review Panel (TRP) members who have expertise on gender and on issues faced by sexual minorities, as well as expertise and experience in the three diseases.

    The TRP is an independent, impartial group of experts who review proposals to the Global Fund and who make recommendations to the board concerning which proposals should be approved for funding. Persons appointed to the TRP normally serve for four rounds of funding (in the rounds-based funding channel). Only part-time involvement is required; expenses and a modest honorarium is paid.

    The deadline for applications is very soon – 1 April 2009. Candidates must use the Fund’s application form (available at www.hlsp.org/workingwithus/globalfund). This website also contains more information on the entitlements and expectations of TRP members. Questions can be directed to globalfund.trp@hlsp.org.

    Applications will be screened through a two-step process. First, a review panel composed of senior officials in the Global Fund Secretariat will prepare a short list of applicants. Second, the candidates on the short list will be reviewed by a pre-selection panel consisting of representatives of the Global Fund and leading technical agencies (including UNAIDS, WHO, Stop TB Partnership, Roll Back Malaria Partnership, and the World Bank).

    The panel will recommend which candidates should be appointed. The Global Fund Board is scheduled to vote on the recommendations by mid-May 2009.

  • Japan allows its citizens same-sex marriage abroad TOKYO (AFP) — Japan has given the green light for its nationals to marry same-sex foreign partners in countries where gay marriage is legal, a justice ministry official said Friday.

    Japan does not allow same-sex marriages at home and has so far also refused to issue a key document required for citizens to wed overseas if the applicant's intended spouse was of the same gender. Read more...

  • Pope 'distorting condom science' BBC News: One of the world's most prestigious medical journals, the Lancet, has accused Pope Benedict XVI of distorting science in his remarks on condom use. It said the Pope's recent comments that condoms exacerbated the problem of HIV/Aids were wildly inaccurate and could have devastating consequences.


  • International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia 2009

    Ingin mengalihbahasakan ke bahasa Indonesia?

    The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia will be celebrated this year again on May 17th. Like every year, the “IDAHO” (as it is usually called), will see actions and initiatives take place in many countries and contexts and on many different issues. All these activities and initiatives are a very strong signal to all, decisions makers, public opinion, civil rights movements, human rights defenders, etc… throughout the world that our fights for our Rights as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, intersex, etc… is vibrant ! The Day provides all different kind of actors with a very powerful opportunity to express their demands and to advocate for their case.

    The Day has already been officially recognised by Mexico, Costa Rica, France, the UK, Belgium, the European Parliament, etc.... and the list keeps getting longer every year. This provides a forceful argument to engage initiatives even in contexts where authorities might not be supportive.

    Why an Appeal against transphobia and for Gender Identity respect?

    Although the Day itself is open to any kind of activity by all organisations and people that want to join in, it also aims to use the extra public, political and media attention that it provides at all levels to highlight each year one specific aspect of the struggle for sexual rights. This year, it was decided to put this emphasis on the burning and often neglected issue of transphobia. We have therefore extensively consulted with Trans people groups at various levels and from various contexts to identify a focus that could be common to most organisations involved in campaigning on Trans issues. We have thereafter devised jointly an International Appeal that spells out our case. You will find this Appeal attached.

    At international level, we have identified as targets both the UN system at large and the World Health Organisation, that still officially classifies Trans people as “mentally disordered".
    But of course a lot of the struggle for Trans rights takes place at national level, so this Appeal also includes a section on the necessary national level policy changes.

    What can you do with this Appeal?

    We hope that the extra media and policy attention that the IDAHO brings will be usefull for the campaigning and lobbying activities that Trans people organisations (and other organisations working on the issue) are working on, and that this focus on the Trans issue might even impulse new campaigning activities, reinforce existing networks and allow campaigning organisations to broaden their alliances and create interest among new audiences. So please feel free to use this Appeal in your campaigning and lobbying activities.

    If you support the Appeal, it is important that you sign on to it and let us know, so we can consolidate this support.


    1) If you are already campaigning on the international objectives (UN and WHO) or if you are interested in doing so and you are interested in joining strategic duscussions on this, we further would like to encourage you to join the rather informal working group that has started to form around this initiative. We suggest that all organisations that want to be in this working group are labelled co-sponsors and are identified with their logo on the Appeal.

    This Appeal is already co-sponsored by the Trangender Europe network and Gender DynamiX from South Africa, who have both been very actively participating so far. If your organization is interested in joining this working group, please do express your interest as soon as possible and in any case before May the 1st, by sending an email to jbedos@idahomophobia.org. Please also provide your logo so that we can add it on to the document.
    In this initial phase of the campaign we, as IDAHO committee, will provide some facilitation for this working group but we hope it will soon become an adhoc coalition.

    2) It would be very powerfull if campaigning organisations in various countries came up with similar activities on or around May the 17th. This would help underline the global dimension of the mobilisation and support in-country activities. Again, we will provide initial facilitation of the reflection and the discussions. Please do share ideas that you have of potential actions. We will soon be circulating some proposals. In any case, please remember that our common fight will be all the more effective as we know about actions that take place everywhere around the world. This is why we strongly encourage you to send us information and feedback on your planned initiatives at contact@idahomophobia.org

    What is the strategy so far to roll out this Appeal?

    We have identified a two-phased strategy :
    Up to May the 17th, we will try to secure as many "high level" endorsements as possible, either from activists, organisations, political parties, trade unions, (progressive) churches, celebrities, etc...
    We hope that we will be able to mobilise organisations and individuals not necessarily directly engaged into this issue, but sympathetic to our cause.

    On May 17th, we will announce the support that this appeal has already gained, and invite all participating organisations to campaign with the wider public, whilst of course carrying on with high level signature chasing.

    What can you do now?

    We hope that you will join us in this fight. We therefore strongly invite you to have this appeal endorsed by your organization and by any influential political actor or personality that you could contact at your level (such as political parties, trade unions, …).

    If you are interested in joining the working group on the campaign strategy and become a co-sponsor, please contact us at jbedos@idahomophobia.org.

    If you have ideas on actions, or want to share information on successful actions that have been organised, please send them to this adress too.

    Please also send us information on any organization, group or individuals that you feel would be interested in knowing more about this action, so we can make sure to include them in any further communication.
    And, of course, circulate this email as broadly as you can !

    We very much look forward to hearing back from you on this initiative and wish you a strong and successful mobilisation

    The IDAHO committee

  • Refresher Training Untuk Staf Admin/Finance FHI Jawa Timur menyelenggarakan "Refresher Training Untuk Staf Admin/Finance Mitra FHI Jawa Timur" di Surya Hotel Tretes-Prigen tanggal 30 Maret-1 April 2009. Dari GN, diwakili oleh Budi dan Sigit. Sementara organisasi gay/waria yang terlibat selain GN adalah Perwakos (Surabaya), Igama dan KK Wamarapa (Malang).

  • Sosialisasi Materi Kolaborasi TB-HIV Sosialisasi Materi Kolaborasi TB-HIV untuk Peer Educator (PE) GN. Rabu, 25 Maret 2009 di GNCC (GAYa NUSANTARA Community Center) pukul 19.00 wib-selesai. Peserta: 8 orang PE. Fasilitator: Budi.

  • Coba tarik simpati, Demokrat kerahkan Waria
    Partai Demokrat di Situbondo membuat terobosan unik. Mereka mengajak para waria untuk berkampanye. Para waria itu "berakting" di perempatan traffic light dekat Poslantas 90. Mereka membagi-bagikan poster parpol dan caleg Partai Demokrat. Cara tersebut, tampaknya, cukup ampuh. Banyak warga yang memperhatikannya. Maklum, para waria itu berpakaian seksi.
    (Sumber: Jawa Pos, 25 Maret 2009, hal 12)

  • UN General Assembly Joint Statement Affirmed at UN Human Rights Council There was significant attention paid to the sexual orientation and gender identity issues at the UN Human Rights Council today (24 March 2009), with a number of States and NGOs taking the floor to affirm their support for the GA joint statement on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity. In particular:

    Argentina indicated that it had been “honoured” to deliver the GA joint statement on behalf of 66 States from all regional groups, including 21 Members of the Human Rights Council.

    The Czech Republic delivered a statement on behalf of the EU and associated countries, affirming the joint statement, commending the High Commissioner for her video address, and reiterating the request for the President of the Council to “provide a special opportunity for a more in-depth discussion of this important human rights issue.”

    • The Czech statement was joined not only by the 27 EU Member States, but also by:

    “The Candidate Countries Turkey, Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Countries of the Stabilisation and Association Process and potential candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and the EFTA country Iceland, member of the European Economic Area, as well as Ukraine and Armenia”.

    Significantly, Turkey and Ukraine did not join the GA statement in December, but were willing to align themselves with today’s EU intervention affirming the GA statement.

    The United States of America announced that “the United States is proud to join the 66 other United Nations member States that support the UN Statement on ‘Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’. We share the document’s condemnation of human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity and welcome its call for an end to criminalization on the basis of sexual orientation.”

    This represents the first time that the US has announced its support for the GA statement in an official UN forum.

    • Denmark then delivered a joint statement on behalf of the Nordic States Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, expressing concern at the “shameful silence” surrounding human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and calling upon the Human Rights Council to address these issues as a matter of priority.

    Colombia also took the floor, powerfully affirming its support for the GA statement, and pledging its commitment to continuing to address these issues at both the international and national levels.

    • Finally, I was able to deliver a statement by ILGA Europe on behalf of 10 ECOSOC-accredited NGOs, and a number of non-ECOSOC NGOs.
    [Download the full text of the statement here].

    It is encouraging to see the continuation of UN attention to these issues, and the willingness of States which did not join the GA statement in December, such as the US, Turkey and Ukraine, to associate themselves with interventions affirming the joint statement.

    John Fisher

  • Approaching: Deadline for 9th ICAAP Abstract/Proposals Submission

    Batas akhir pengajuan abstrak, proposal pelatihan ketrampilan dan proposal pertunjukan budaya, sudah dekat, Jum'at ini, 27 Maret 2009.

    Untuk registrasi secara online dan informasi lebih lengkap, silakan kunjungi www.icaap9.org


    Atas nama panitia 9th ICAAP di Indonesia dan di tingkat Internasional, kami mengundang Saudara untuk berpartisipasi dalam Kongres AIDS

    Internasional di Asia dan Pasifik ke- 9 yang akan berlangsung di Bali, Indonesia pada 9 – 13 Agustus 2009.

    Tema Kongres adalah Empowering People, Strengthening Networks. Kongres ini diharapkan akan dapat menjadi wadah pertemuan berbagai individu dari berbagai latar belakang di Asia Pasifik untuk saling berbagi pengetahuan, keterampilan, ide, dan hasil penelitian yang berkaitan dengan HIV dan AIDS. Acara ini juga merupakan kesempatan untuk menguatkan komitmen dalam menghadapi epidemi HIV dan AIDS.

    Kami menyarankan regristrasi, pengiriman abstrak, proposal untuk peningkatan keterampilan dan proposal untuk pertunjukan budaya, dilakukan secara online melalui website kongres di www.icaap9.org


    Kami menyarankan pendaftaran beasiswa secara online melalui website kongres di www.icaap9.org. Batas Akhir untuk pendaftaran beasiswa: Kamis, 30 April 2009

    Kategori Beasiswa:

    1. Beasiswa Komunitas Community Scholarships
    2. Beasiswa Ilmiah ( untuk tenaga kesehatan, peneliti dan/atau
    3. Beasiswa Media
    4. Beasiswa untuk pemuda/i

    Untuk informasi lebih lengkap, silakan kunjungi website kami di www.icaap9.org

    9th ICAAP Secretariat
    Menara Eksekutif 8th Floor Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 9
    Jakarta 10330
    Phone: +62 21 39838845/46
    Fax: +62 21 39838847
    Email: secretariat@icaap9.org

  • In Plainspeak (Issue 1, 2009)

    The latest issue of In Plainspeak presents an array of issues and view-points on sexuality....

    Here's what it contains: 

    • Letter from Editor - Radhika Chandiramani
    • Who We Are
    • Interview : Kimberly Reed - The Courage to Step Out - Geetanjali Misra
    • Issue in Focus : The Long Road Ahead - Michael P. De Guzman
    • Shades of Grey: Prostitution and The Human Rights Discourse - Madhu Bhushan, Shakun Mohini
    • Art Space : Video Photography Installation - Tejal Shah
    • The Bigger Picture : Why I Do What I Do - Pramada Menon
    • Reel Review : Prose Amidst Poetry - Aanchal Kapur
    • Hot off the Press - Our Bodies Our Selves- Radhika Chandiramani
    • Policy Alert - The Philippines Reproductive Health Bill
    • ‘I’ Column - Dinesh Gupta
    • Did You Know? - What After Pregnancy?
    • At the Resource Centre

    The HTML version is available at http://tarshi.net/asiasrc/plspk/inplainspeak.asp and the hard copies are in the process of being disseminated. To view the PDF version of In Plainspeak, click: http://tarshi.net/asiasrc/plspk/dloads/issue-1-2009.pdf

    We hope you will find this issue of In Plainspeak as exciting and thought-provoking as ever and look forward to having you contribute to making it even better! Please do send us your feedback and contributions to resourcecentre@tarshi.net.

  • Belajar Bahasa Inggris

    Dalam rangka capacity building, sejak hari Senin, 23 Maret 2009,GN mengadakan pelatihan berbahasa Inggris untuk para aktivis dan staf yang tergabung di GN (intern). Secara khusus mendatangkan seorang pengajar yang bernama Rindra (pengajar di LPIA Surabaya). Acara belajar bersama ini diikuti sekitar 20 orang.

    Dikarenakan ada perbedaan tingkat kemampuan dalam berbahasa Inggris, maka kelas dibagi dua, yang tingkat dasar akan diadakan tiap hari Senin jam 19.00 - 20.30 WIB, sementara untuk yang agak mahir diadakan tiap hari Rabu jam 17.00-18.30 WIB. Proses belajar diadakan GNCC (GAYa NUSANTARA Community Center) dan akan dievaluasi setiap 3 bulan.

  • World Outgames 2009
    Ingin mengalihbahasakan ke bahasa Indonesia?

    World Outgames is an international event for the body, the mind, and the spirit. We celebrate the talents and contributions of homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender men and women from every corner of the globe.

    World Outgames will be held from 25 July - 2 August 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


    There will be tournaments in 38 different sports disciplines, from aerobics to wrestling, for competitors at all skills levels.

    In addition, there will be a wide variety of cultural events including performances, exhibitions and parties to inspire, provoke and make you dance like crazy.

    World Outgames 2009 will also feature a human rights conference addressing issues and concerns of the LGBT community and all others for whom love of freedom and freedom to love is self-evident.

    So mark you calendar and come all the way out at World Outgames 2009.

  • Regional Institute 2009 Announcement
    Ingin mengalihbahasakan ke bahasa Indonesia?

    The 5th Regional Institute on Sexuality, Society, and Culture
    May 11 - 18, 2009, New Delhi, India

    What is the Regional Institute? 

    The Regional Institute is a conceptual course on sexuality organised by The South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality. The Institute conceptually examines and explores a variety of topics through lectures, discussions, films, and exercises. Through the course participants will attempt to understand the implications of the current debate on sexuality issues and its links to culture and society in a regional context.

    The goals of the Regional Institute on Sexuality, Society, and Culture Institute are to

    • develop a deeper and more coherent theoretical understanding of sexuality and its connections with other issues, including gender and rights,
    • examine assumptions on which practitioners base their work within a South and Southeast Asian context. 
    The course materials and discussion will be in English, therefore participants should be fluent in English. 

    Topics include: 
    - Sexuality and Gender 
    - Sexuality and Reproductive Health 
    - Sexuality and Pleasure 
    - Sexuality and Rights 
    - Issues in Sex Work
    - Sexuality and Popular Culture/Representation 

    Who will teach the course? 
    Faculty will include regional and national experts from South and Southeast Asia.  

    Where is it held?
    The Institute will be held in New Delhi, India. Details about the venue and accommodation will be sent to selected participants. 

    What does it cost?
    TARSHI will bear the cost of boarding and lodging for all participants in Delhi from May 10 – 19, 2009. TARSHI will subsidise travel costs for a maximum amount of up to USD 250 (US Dollars Two Hundred and Fifty only) for participants from South and Southeast Asia. Please note that this subsidy is not available for participants from India. 

    Who can apply? Individuals working on issues of sexuality, gender, and reproductive health from South and Southeast Asia can apply for this course. They must be fluent in English. Twenty individuals will be selected based on their completed application forms. Some may be interviewed on the phone as well. Please download the application form from the website (www.tarshi.net ) and return it to the address provided below by March 27, 2009.

    How and by when should I send in my application? 
    Please turn in your application by email to training@tarshi.net or mail the application to the following address by March 27, 2009

    11 Mathura Road, First Floor 
    Jangpura B, New Delhi, 110014, India. 
    Phone: 91-11-24379070, 24379071 
    Fax: 91-11-24374022 
    Email: training@tarshi.net
    Website: www.tarshi.net  

    You can download the application form for the Institute from here. Selected participants will be informed by April 6, 2009. 

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at training@tarshi.net  

    Regional Institute 2009 Application Form

    About us:
    TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues, www.tarshi.net ) is a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, India that has been working on sexuality and rights in India since 1996 and in the South and Southeast Asia region through the South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality since 2003. We work to increase knowledge and scholarship on issues of sexuality, sexual health, sexual well being and rights in India and the region. The Resource Centre's work is focused mainly in China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam. 

  • The Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practice
    Ingin mengalihbahasakan ke bahasa Indonesia?

    June 12-20, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

    The Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute is an annual, week-long, residential course that focuses on a conceptual study of sexuality. It examines the links between sexuality, rights, gender, and health and their interface with socio-cultural and legal issues. Participants will critically analyze policy, research and program interventions using a rights-based approach.  

    Course Content

    Sexuality is a complex field of study that spans multiple disciplines and areas of work. Accordingly, the course content of the Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute will focus on a conceptual and theoretical study of sexuality drawing from different social science disciplines and the intersections between them. Activists and academics will teach the course using classroom instruction, group work, case studies, simulation exercises, fiction and films.

    • Sexuality theory
    • Sexuality and human rights
    • Sexuality and gender
    • Sexuality and legal systems
    • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
    • Representation of sexuality
    • Sexual diversities and rights
    • Sexuality and disability
    • Case studies of program interventions


    CREA is a feminist human rights organization that promotes, protects and advances women’s human rights and the sexual rights of all people by building leadership capacities, strengthening social movements and organizations, increasing access to information, knowledge and resources, and creating enabling social and policy environments.


    Individuals working on issues of sexuality, rights, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, health or gender are eligible to apply. Twenty-four participants will be selected based on their application forms. Participants are required to stay for the duration of the course.


    The Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute has been held annually since 2007; the first two Institutes were held in New York, USA. The Institute is based on the Sexuality and Rights Institute that CREA and TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) have conducted annually in India since 2002. For more information, visit www.sexualityinstitute.org.

    Applications are due on or before April 18, 2009. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

    For more information on the Institute, please visit www.creaworld.org
    Download call for training and application form. E-mail: mailcrea@verizon.net.

  • 2009 IASSCS Conference
    Ingin mengalihbahasakan ke bahasa Indonesia?

    We are very pleased to announce the seventh biennial meeting of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS), entitled “Contested Innocence – Sexual Agency in Public and Private Space.” This conference is co-hosted by the Institute for Social Development Studies, the Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion, and Hanoi Medical University in Hanoi, Viet Nam. The Conference will be held in Melia Hanoi - Hotel and Convention Center.

    IASSCS aims to strengthen the field of social and cultural sexuality research globally. It is committed to building equity in research capacity worldwide, to developing a broad range of research activities, and to strengthening communication among researchers, policy makers and activists.

    The 2009 Conference theme will focus on socio-cultural analyses of issues surrounding sexual agency in public and private spaces. Cultural and political belief systems profoundly affect the ways in which sexual knowledge and practices are produced, situated, and represented in society. This theme invites conversations on the interplay of sexual innocence and sexual scandal in the media, of sexual agency in the context of limited public knowledge, and the development of sexual rights, human rights and sexual diversity in a post-colonial context.

    The main themes of the conference sessions include, but are not limited to: 
    • Innocence and scandal: Sexuality and the mass media
    • Cyberspace and virtual sexual reality
    • Deconstructing sexuality: Public image and private reality
    • Diverse sexualities in a globalized world
    • Social movements and gender/sexual inequality
    • Sexuality across generations: Adolescence to old age
    • Religion and sexuality
    • Socio-political mapping of desires and identities
    • Sexual stigma, sexual norms and the regulation of sexuality
    • Sexual health, public policy and advocacy
    • Sexual-economic exchange
    • Family planning, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS 

    We look forward to the participation of individuals from community-based organizations, policy agencies, and academic institutions.

    We have also confirmed the participation of outstanding Keynote Speakers as well as Discussants from different fields of investigation:

    Keynote Speakers: Lenore Manderson (Australia), Dédé Oetomo (Indonesia), Vera Paiva (Brazil)

    Discussants: Ana Amuchástegui (Mexico), Josephine Ho (Taiwan), W. Onyango Ouma (Kenya), Evelyn Blackwood (USA), Le Minh Giang (Vietnam), Nike O. Esiet (Nigeria).

    2009 IASSCS Conference Committee

  • Kampanye di Komunitas Waria, Gay dan Lesbian
    Calon anggota DPR RI dari Partai Amanat Nasional daerah pemilihan Surabaya I (Sidoarjo), Charles Honoris, menerima dukungan dari komunitas waria, gay, dan lesbian. Dukungan tersebut diperoleh Caleg keturunan Tionghoa tersebut pada pertemuan di Cafe Cangkir, Surabaya, Senin (16/3) dini hari.

    Di cafe yang terletak di Jalan Sriwijaya tersebut, Charles Honoris disambut tokoh komunitas waria, Kiki, dan pendiri Gaya Nusantara, Dédé Oetomo, serta sekitar 200 pengunjung. Tanpa ragu Charles menyanyikan lagi Kopi Dangdut dan berjoget bersama dengan Kiki.

    Dia mengingatkan bahwa pemilu yang berbiaya sangat mahal saat ini dibiayai pajaknya rakyat, termasuk komunitas waria, gay, dan lesbian. "Gunakan hak pilih Anda semua. Karena pemilu itu tidak gratis dan suara Anda itu berharga mahal. Mau pilih saya atau tidak, itu terserah Anda. Yang penting jangan golput," kata Charles.

    Mendapat penjelasan tersebut, Kiki, menyampaikan terima kasih karena ada calon wakil rakyat yang punya perhatian terhadap komunitasnya.

    "Kami terima kasih karena Mas Charles yang dari PAN ini tidak melihat suku, ras, agama, dan bahkan mau merangkul komunitas kita," katanya.

  • Buletin GN No. 01 - 08
    Secara bertahap, GN berencana membuat versi digital dari tiap penerbitan yang dibuat. Saat ini upaya ke arah tersebut sudah mulai dilakukan. Memang bukan pekerjaan mudah sebab membutuhkan ketekunan dan konsistensi. Majalah GN mulai ada sejak tahun 1987, sebelum kemudian berubah menjadi buletin sejak Januari 2006. Rencana perpustakaan digital GN sudah terpikirkan sejak beberapa tahun belakangan ini. Kini upaya ini mulai serius digarap dan diharapkan bisa terwujud.

    Untuk buletin GN No. 01 hingga 08 (pdf), bisa diunduh (download) di:

    Buletin 01
    Buletin 02
    Buletin 03
    Buletin 04
    Buletin 05
    Buletin 06
    Buletin 07
    Buletin 08

  • Buku "Biarkan Aku Memilih"

    Pada tanggal 19 Maret 2009, Rainbow Night di Bar Raden Poeas mengadakan pra-peluncuran buku "Biarkan Aku Memilih" oleh Hartoyo dan Titiana Adinda. Berikut informasi tentang buku tersebut.

    Biarkan Aku Memilih 

    Pengakuan Jujur Seorang Gay yang Coming Out
    Penulis : Hartoyo dan Titiana Adinda
    Genre : Kisah Nyata (True Story)
    Penerbit : Elex Media Komputindo (Gramedia Group)
    Tahun Terbit : 2009
    Harga : Rp 29.800,-

    Aku adalah seorang gay. Sejak kecil aku senang dengan laki-laki, hingga kini aku dewasa. Entah mengapa semua itu bisa terjadi. Sebagai seorang anak dari sebuah desa kecil di Binjai, Sumatra Utara, aku bersyukur bisa menyelesaikan kuliah di universitas negeri di Aceh. 
    Namun, di Aceh jualah aku mendapat perlakuan tidak manusiawi dari masyarakat dan kepolisian karena pilihan orientasi seksualku.

    Aku merasa sedih dan marah. Menurutku, orang tidak semestinya menerima kekerasan akibat pilihan seksualnya. Namun demikian, komitmenku untuk berjuang demi nilai-nilai kemanusian akan tetap kujalankan. Aku masih tetap menunggu keadilan atas penyiksaan itu. Sungguh itu pengalaman pahit dalam hidupku. Betapa mahalnya harga sebuah kejujuran. Apalagi bicara jujur soal orientasi seksual kepada publik (coming out) bagi kaum gay.

    Buku ini merupakan ungkapan paling jujur terhadap sisi lain kemanusiaan kita. Masalah seksualitas adalah isu yang paling banyak disembunyikan, dan cenderung ditabukan untuk dibahas di ruang publik....
    (Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, M.A., Cendikiawan Muslim, Jakarta)

  • 2009 MSM SEX SURVEY Di fridae.com sedang ada survei MSM yang dipasang sejak 1 Maret s/d 30 April 2009. Kunjungi situsnya di: http://www.msmsexsurvey.com/ untuk berpartisipasi.

    1 March to 30 April 2009

    Welcome to our annual sex survey for men who have sex with men in Asia.

    Information collected from this survey will help us understand you better, and be used to design more effective public health campaigns, especially HIV related ones. The data will also be used as a benchmark to measure if past initiatives have had any impact.

    No personal information (names, email addresses, or personal identifiers) will be recorded, and all answers will be kept private and confidential, so please answer the questions as accurately and fully as you can.

    This survey is divided into 12 sections, and will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

    Please answer every question. Your participation is extremely important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. Please only take this survey once.

    To proceed, please click on the link below:
    Proceed to the Survey

  • Sekolah Aktivis 1 untuk wilayah Jawa Timur Sekolah Aktivis 1 untuk wilayah Jawa Timur akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 2, 3, 16 dan 17 Mei 2009. Info lebih detail, hubungi sekretariat GAYa NUSANTARA.

  • Pattaya Badminton Club (PBC), Sosialisasikan Gay & Waria Melalui Olahraga

    Seperti kita ketahui bersama, komunitas gay dan waria identik dengan dunia seni. Banyak kawan-kawan gay dan waria yang sukses di dunia ini. Sehingga otomatis masyarakat pun banyak mengenal komunitas gay dan waria dari dunia seni. Di luar dunia seni, komunitas gay dan waria juga dikenal lewat berbagai kiprah mereka lewat berbagai bidang yang mereka geluti, mulai dari bidang jasa seperti ahli kecantikan, disainer pakaian, hingga aktivis LSM. Semua kiprah kawan-kawan gay dan waria di bidangnya masing-masing ini secara tak langsung merupakan bentuk sosialisasi kepada masyarakat tentang apa dan bagaimana komunitas gay dan waria itu yang sesungguhnya. Sehingga nantinya diharapkan masyarakat tidak salah kaprah dalam menilai komunitas gay dan waria.

    Selain bidang-bidang yang sudah disebutkan terlebih dahulu, olahraga juga menjadi salah satu pilihan tepat untuk mensosialisasikan gay dan waria kepada masyarakat. Sebagai contohnya: kita sering melihat kawan-kawan gay dan waria turut berpartisipasi dalam pertandingan bola volly di daerahnya masing-masing. Kehadiran mereka cukup mendapatkan sambutan yang hangat dari masyarakat. Hal ini memperlihatkan bahwa masyarakat pun bisa menerima keberadaan komunitas gay dan waria dengan baik melalui kegiatan berolahraga. Di Surabaya pun, jalur olahraga juga dipilih menjadi salah satu bentuk sosialisai komunitas gay dan waria ke masyarakat.

    Sudah 3 tahunan ini berdiri Pattaya Badminton Club (PBC) yang dikoordinir oleh Vera dan Tono, aktivis dari GAYa NUSANTARA (GN). Ide berdirinya klub bulutangkis untuk komunitas gay dan waria ini berawal dari ajakan kawan-kawan Ellite Model Surabaya (kelompok entertainer gay dan waria) untuk berlatih bersama mereka. Dari sekedar main-main dan latihan dengan kawan-kawan Ellite Model inilah akhirnya tercetus keinginan Vera & Tono untuk membentuk klub bulutangkis sendiri. Ide ini mendapat sambutan yang baik dari beberapa kawan gay yang biasa ngeber (kumpul-kumpul) di Pattaya. Maka setelah mendapatkan sewa lapangan, resmi dibentuklah Pattaya Badminton Club (PBC).

    “Dibentuknya PBC ini selain untuk menyalurkan bakat dan hobby bermain bulutangkis, juga untuk mempererat dan mengakrabkan tali persaudaraan di antara kawan-kawan sehati. Di sisi yang lain, melalui PBC kita juga ingin menunjukkan kepada masyarakat bahwa komunitas gay dan waria itu bisa berprestasi,” tutur Vera selaku koordinator PBC.

    Dengan jadwal latihan seminggu 2 kali, yaitu hari Jumat (pukul 21.00-24.00) dan Minggu (18.00-24.00), kehadiran kawan-kawan gay dan waria yang tergabung dalam PBC sudah menyita perhatian masyarakat sekitar lapangan tempat mereka berlatih di Gubeng Kertajaya gang XV-C. Meski ada beberapa kawan-kawan yang ngondek (kemayu, feminin), namun karena mereka bisa menempatkan dan membawa diri dengan baik, maka masyarakat sekitar lapangan pun dapat menerima kehadiran mereka dengan baik. Lapangan jadi lebih ‘hidup’ dan ‘berwarna’ saat kawan-kawan PBC berlatih. Tidak itu saja, tawaran untuk pertandingan persahabatan pun datang berkali-kali menghampiri PBC.

  • Seminar Terbuka: Rethinking Our Strategies on HIV-AIDS Intervention Perlukah strategi untuk menanggulangi HIV? Atau cukup dengan intuisi dan mengikuti aliran yang ada? Mari kita mulai merubah main set yang telah lama sekali tertanam dalam program penanggulangan AIDS. Perlu kita membuka mata, memasang telinga dan mencoba memasukkan teori-teori baru tentang intervensi HIV dan AIDS bersama: Prof. Roger Detels, School of Public Health. University of California , Los Angeles

    Beliau adalah Direktur UCLA-Fogarty HIV/AIDS International Training Program dalam bidang Epidemiology. Peserta program dari Cina , Indonesia , India , Myanmar , Thailand , Kambodia. telah Menulis tebih dari 200 artikel tentang Public Health dan HIV-AIDS di Asia. Pernah menjadi Dekan School of Public Health - UCLA, Ketua International Epidemiological Association.

    Dilaksanakan pada hari Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009, Jam 10-12.00 Di Ruang Promosi Doktor FKM UI Kampus UI Depok. Diselenggarakan oleh Pusat Penelitian Kesehatan, Fak. Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Indonesia 

    Pengelola aids-ina.org

    A better way in strengthening strategic information to guide a more effecctive

    Dukung dan kunjungi terus www.aids-ina. org

  • Mohon Dukungan Judicial Review UU Pornografi

    Pada pasal 4 ayat 1 UU Pornografi menyebutkan homoseksual, lesbian, oral dan anal sex dikategorikan sebagai persenggamaan yang menyimpang. Padahal menurut ilmu psikologi dan psikiatri bahwa homoseksual, biseksual bukanlah penyimpangan (dalam PPDGJ III Depkses tahun 1993). Artinya bahwa UU ini tidak sesuai dengan dengan keilmuan yang ilmiah. Artinya negara telah mendiskriminasikan individu atau kelompok homoseksual sebagai warga negara.  Untuk itu kami yang terdiri dari individu seperti Nia Dinata, Ayu Utami, Jajang C Noer, dan di antaranya kelompok homoseksual ( Dodo, Hartoyo, Aldo, Agustin,e Lili, Aji) maupun organisasi ( Wahid Institute, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia, Ashram) akan melakukan Judicial Review (JR) UU Pornografi sebagai pemohon. Sedangkan Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI) sebagai pengacara pemohon.

    Untuk melakukan JR tersebut kami membutuhkan banyak sumberdaya. Dari mulai dukungan bentuk materi maupun moril. Sekarang ini kami membutuhkan sumber daya materi ( baca dana) untuk kebutuhan JR UU tersebut. Seperti untuk kebutuhan pertemuan team, honor staff ahli dan kebutuhan administrasi lainnya. Sekarang ini sedang dikumpulkan dana dari lembaga – lembaga dan individu yang peduli untuk kegiatan JR ini. Dari mulai kelompok perempuan, seni, adat dan kelompok homoseksual.

    Untuk itu kami meminta bantuan kepada semua pihak dapat memberikan sumbangan semampunya untuk keperluan JR UU pornografi ini. Sumbangan dapat diserahkan langsung ataupun maupun melalui rekening di  No rekening: 01-001-00-20-20066-9, Bank: Mega cabang Kuningan, pemilik Rekening: Hartoyo dan Win (Joint Account).

    A.n Team Pemohon JR UU Pornografi


    Mobile : 081376 192516 / 021 – 02138925, Email : jam_gadang2003@yahoo.com, Alamat : Jl. Kalibata Utara I No. 18 Jakarta Selatan, Telp : 021 - 798.8875

  • Workshop kondom di Surabaya Workshop kondom, penyelenggara ASA/FHI Jawa Timur pada tanggal 24-25 Maret 2009 di Hotel Plaza Surabaya. 

  • Pelatihan TB-HIV di Yogya 9-12 Maret 2009, di Hotel Melia Jogja : Pelatihan TB-HIV, penyelenggara ASA/FHI bagi Manajer Kasus dan Konselor. Peserta : Propinsi DKI, Kepulauan Riau dan Jawa Timur. Budi sebagai Konselor dari GN.

  • Gay Night Party Gay Night Party: Setiap minggu malam pukul 23.00 wib sampai selesai. Tempat: Cangkir Pub & Resto, Jln Sriwijaya 22 Surabaya, telp 031-5667309. Ticket box Rp 30.000 (free softdrink/beer). Perform: The Body Move Dancer'z, The Diva's, Men Fashion Show, Go Go Boys Dancer'z, Games+Doorprize, Live Band, Dj Inal on the MIX, Mc Madam Paula. Info lebih lanjut hubungi: Paula (081230340044), Erika (083857005393).

  • Pemeriksaan IMS dan VCT Pemeriksaan IMS dan VCT gratis: Rabu, 18 Maret 2009 pukul 12.00 wib sampai selesai. Tempat: GNCC, Jln Mojo Kidul I No.11-A Surabaya, telp 031-5914668. Bekerja sama dengan Puskesmas Perak Timur dan Family Health International (FHI). Kerahasiaan terjamin.






IDAHOT 2015 with GAYa NUSANTARA, click

Tahun 09 dengan Tema" Transgender: Waria dan Priawan" sudah terbit. Info pemesanan bisa melalui:

Email: gayanusantara@gmail.com
Tlp: 031-5998401

Buat teman-teman LGBTiQ yang membutuhkan curhat, konsultasi atau sekedar sharing mengenai identitas, orientasi seks serta kesehatan seksual dan juga informasi mengenai HIV/AIDS, silahkan menghubungi Gaya Nusantara!
Email: konsultasign@gmail.com
Datang langsung tiap jumat jam 12.00- 17.00 ke kantor GN, jl. semolowaru selatan VI no.9 (dengan membuat janji by telp: 031-5998401). Kami tunggu ya....

Bila Anda ingin berpartisipasi alam pergerakan dan kemajuan LGBT bisa menyalurkan ke rekening BNI 0046219611 a/n GAYa NUSANTARA, cabang UNAIR

Jl. Semolowaru Selatan VI no.9
Telp/Fax +62 31 - 5998401

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